What Tree Loppers Use

There are many tree lopping tools available in the market and they can be purchased from a home depot or online. If you are planning to buy your own, the buying guide below can help you get the best value for your money:

  • Quality steel blades

Tree cutters are generally made of steel. The best option would be those that are made of either carbon or hardened steel. These blades are bound to last longer and they are not prone to bending and nicking. Best of all, they are easier to maintain since it does not need sharpening from time to time.

There are blades that have poorer quality yet cheaper. This type of blade does not hold a sharp edge, making pruning harder to perform and may cause damage to branches. Most of the lopper blades have a non-stick coating, making it resistant to sap and any other sticky materials.

  • Handle length

They come in different handle lengths, from 15” or can be 18” to 32” or longer. The length greatly impacts the amount of force you have. Those with longer sizes can give you better leverage, giving you an easier time cutting through branches that are thicker. Shorter ones, on the other hand, can give you difficult time working and they tend to be heavier.

  • Telescoping handles

This can let you extend the handle in case you need more reach. They are a nice compromise for different situations, although expect that they may come heavier than a non-telescoping lopper even they come similar in size.

It is necessary that you check on the telescoping mechanism, as others may not stay locked in position, especially when it is fully extended.

  • Grip

They come in different shapes, materials and sizes of grip. Some are made to fit your hand, whereas others are finished with softer material to reduce impact. The softer grips are a lot more comfortable to use, but they are also more prone to damage. Contoured grips though are the most recommended by users. Before buying, you have to try it out yourself, as not everyone holds a lopper the same way.

Tree lopping is definitely easier when you have this tool on hand. But if you want to make your work easier, you can always leave the matter in the hands of experts. Call tree loppers from Townsville to handle your outdoor home improvement needs.