Termite Services: How to Prevent Infestation

Getting Brisbane termite services are very important for homeowners. Termites are notorious for damaging almost all wooden parts of homes. Their capacity to cause serious damages to residential and commercial properties is very serious that many companies offer building and pest inspections just to make sure that they have not gained a foothold in your property.

But whilst hiring qualified termite services providers is the best way to foil their attack in your properties, you can also give DIY termite services. These measures can help you prevent the infestation of these pests that can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home as well as the wooden furniture and items found in it. Here are some tips for keeping termites off limits in your property:

Apply termite prevention solution

Hire pest control companies to coat anti-termite solutions to the wooden parts of your home. These chemicals are potent enough to bar the presence of these tiny but highly destructive critters in your property. In fact, in many cases, this procedure has saved many homes from a massive infestation.

Make your home less attractive to termites

During construction, place a concrete foundation and leave a space between the wood and soil for adequate airflow. You should also cover wood surfaces with sealants and a metal barrier. These measures can discourage termites from attacking your property.

Use termite prevention features in your property

You can keep these pests at bay using the following procedures:

Keep the soil around the foundation of your home dry by putting on proper drainage

Seal cracks or openings that can provide entry to termites. One way to do it is by filling the cracks in cement foundations)

Fix leaks immediately

Make sure that you give ample distance between your house and the place where the shrubs and trees are planted

Termite services can be costly. Experts recommend doing the following preventive measures using the tips above.