List of Bond Cleaning Chores That You Should Accomplish

Before leaving the property that you have rented for years, it is customary to provide a comprehensive bond cleaning. After years of use (and abuse) of your rented residential property, you need to leave it in the original form before you have leased the property.

It is a kind gesture for your landowner and the succeeding tenant that will occupy the property you are about to leave behind. What’s more, you will not get the pricey bond that you gave before you rent the property if you have not completed a comprehensive cleaning of your leased property.

Things to do in a bond cleaning project

What constitutes a bond cleaning project? Here are some parts of the home that you should clean up:

Exterior – The exterior is the first thing that prospective tenant will look at on any property. Thus, you should see to it that the veranda or patio of the property is sparkling clean. You should also make sure that the walls and windows are clear of cobwebs and dust. You should assure the landowner that the yard is tidy.

Kitchen – A dirty kitchen is a big turn-off for new tenants. Thus, avoid leaving behind clean stove, ovens, cupboards, sink, taps, draining board. You should also make sure that the flooring is properly swept and mopped.

Bathrooms – This place is a dirt and germ magnet. Hence, you should check the cleanliness of your toilet, shower, sink and baths. Also, make sure the tiles and grout are scrubbed and bleached.

Bedroom, lounge and other parts of the home – See to it that all the rooms in the house are washed and vacuumed. You should also clean the doors, walls and furniture items. Part of bond cleaning is the assurance that the switches, lighting fixtures, door knobs, railings, balustrades, paintings and other items in the home are clean.

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