End of Lease Cleaning For All We Know

You have been renting an apartment since you graduated college, and now that you got a new job. You have a better pay, and think you have saved enough money to purchase your own house. You have fixed the contract with your landlord, and you are ready to move out of the apartment, and move in to your new house. You now need to handover the apartment to your landlord. But what you didn’t know is that before handing it to him, you need to have the unit cleaned until he is satisfied. To leave the unit not better conditions than how it is when you first moved in, but at least it shouldn’t be in a worse condition. And that my friend is called “End of Lease Cleaning”.

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It is exhausting to do the cleaning yourself, it is a humongous task. It is one of the tasks that if you do all by yourself, are difficult and tiring. You might think to resort to hiring someone to do the end of lease cleaning for you. Then you would have to think of the cost.

And besides you are already moving out, so why would you still want to do the cleaning?

• The landlord might charge you more if you leave the apartment not cleaned and is messy.
He/she will hire end of lease home cleaners if you don’t do it yourself, and might charge you more than it’s worth.

• If you leave it as it is, the landlord might not return your deposit.
The landlord would want to immediately rent your apartment out, he/she might not return your deposit if you don’t an end of lease cleaning.

• Professional end of lease cleaners is not expensive as you think they are.

You would need to have it cleaned, whether you would want it or not. And if the landlord is unsatisfied with the cleaning that you did, he might not return your deposit fully. So to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned; just hire an end of lease cleaner.

• Fewer or no complaint from the landlord.

If you will clean the apartment before you leave or if you will have it cleaned, the landlord will not complain. And it won’t look good for you if he/she does complain. If it is thoroughly cleaned, and he will fully return your deposit.

Why would I rather hire an end of lease cleaner than clean it myself?

• You will save money in hiring them, rather than spending your money on cleaning agents.
• Profession end of lease cleaner is concerned with you and your apartment’s needs.
• You would have more time packing your things, than spending it on cleaning the apartment.
• You will be assured that your apartment is thoroughly cleaned, thus ensuring that your deposit will be returned.

So if you are planning to move out anytime soon, do an end of lease cleaning, to ensure that you would get your deposit back, avoid complaints from your landlord, and the landlord won’t charge you anything that is unnecessary.