Effective Stain Removal Tips

One of the most neglected fixtures in our home Is our carpet. Normally we just notice it when it gets too much dirt that it creates a smell or cause allergies. So, to avoid that, we listed the carpet cleaning tips for you to follow:

Act quickly

When something spills, you should not wait before you remove it off your carpet. You need to act as fast as possible to avoid having permanent stain marks. When you act right away, not only you will prevent having marks but it will also make the process easier. The longer the dirt sticks on the carpet, the harder or impossible for it to remove.

Try using water first

Your first option when removing stains should be water. Do not immediately run to a supermarket and buy a chemical solution, without cleaning it with water first. You can use hot water to make it more effective.

Never scrub, just blot the stain

Scrubbing will not do your carpet any good, actually, it will just spread the stain even more. What you could do instead is to blot starting on the outer edge of the stain going to the centre. This can minimise the chance of stain to spread out. Just make sure that the tissue or cloth you are using is clean. In addition, you can use a spoon as it is proven that it can easily get rid of the dirt.

Be patient

Never rush, be patient as possible. Work with water and blot the stain using a clean cloth repeatedly, until the stain is gone. It is not magic, you need to work on it over and over until all signs of the stain disappear.

If you think that none of these work on your carpet, maybe you should call the help of Perth’s leading carpet cleaners. You can look online or ask referrals from your family and friends. Just make sure that you first view the company’s experience and reputation before settling with any deals.