Cleaning Myths Commercial Carpet Cleaners Wants You to Know

Sometimes, what prevents people from getting the numerous benefits of hiring Commercial Carpet Cleaners are common cleaning myths. Here are some of them:

It’s okay to put off maintenance

Every time you open your windows, or you step on your carpet, its fibres absorb all the dust and dirt. And if you think that a simple dusting and vacuuming alone will do the trick, it won’t. The longer you leave put-off its maintenance, the more stubborn the dirt and stains will be.

Regular maintenance helps protect your carpet’s value and lengthen its lifespan.

Removing the dirt is all that matters

If you think that only dust and dirt are removed by cleaning professionals, you’re wrong.

When you go outside, your shoes carry various things such as fungus, bacteria, tobacco residue, pollens and more. And even if you’ve changed your clothes, stored your shoes and washed your hands, those elements are already circulating inside your home. And guess where they’ll most likely land? That’s right: Your carpet.

It all depends on the equipment

Not true. High-tech equipment can only produce a better quality of work if the expert using it knows how to maximise it.

Experts use same cleaning method

Experts know that every carpet requires a specific cleaning method, product and equipment. As for the methods, there is the dry foam, dry-chem, dry compound and hot water extraction. It really depends on the type of carpet you have in your home.

Companies that offer cheaper rates are better

A cleaning company that has invested a lot to be able to provide excellent service to their customers. Therefore, you can’t expect them to go cheap. Remember, a company that seems to offer everything at a cheap price is a red flag to watch out for.

By hiring Commercial Carpet Cleaners, you avoid creating further damage to your valued item. Visit Dario’s website and see what other services they have for you!