Carpet Cleaning Services You Can Look Forward To

Companies utilise different techniques and methods to make a carpet looking and smelling like new. Whilst they are responsible for choosing which method best suits the fabric of your floor covering, it is also important that you know these techniques. We listed here three of the most common methods used by companies in Australia to give you an idea.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This refers to the use of hot water to clean out the dust and dirt from your carpets. It works in such a way that the carpet is doused with hot water and is subsequently vacuumed to remove all the dust and other particles that might wear out the fabric.

This type of service can also be done through the use of chemicals mixed with hot water. This is known to be one of the most efficient types of services that you can request from any company in Australia.

Dry Cleaning

This is the complete opposite of the hot water extraction. It refers to the act of using chemical agents to clean out your carpets without directly using water. Whether it be scrubbing, brushing or hanging the carpets to dry, dry cleaning is much faster to do because it does not involve soaking the carpet in liquid or rinsing it subsequently.

However, the quality of the process is still put into question because it may still leave particles within the carpet itself wrapped up. Compared to other processes, dry cleaning is much faster but less efficient when it comes to getting rid of the dirt on the carpets.

Dry Foam Method

This involves applying a form solution onto the carpet and immediately vacuuming the foam. This process does not completely clean the carpet because it utilises the slightly moist foam solution. Experts also use a dry foam machine filled with shampoo and very little liquid. The machine is used on the water sensitive materials and carpets that are usually water resistant, which makes it difficult to handle for extraction.

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