5 Materials Commonly Used for Blinds

Blinds are available anywhere in the world. People buy them for almost the same purposes, like controlling the temperature in a room, by either keeping the warmth from inside or blocking the heat from the sun and providing privacy from neighbour’s sight and passersby.

On the other hand, despite all the similarities in the reasons for buying them, blinds have many variations, from horizontal to vertical blinds, automation and the like. Other than a wide range of variations, different materials are being used to build blinds, and these materials have their own strengths and drawbacks:


One of the most sturdy and durable materials available is aluminium. This material does not rust very easily, and they are affordable. Most of the time, they come in Venetian style, running horizontally on windows. It has a long cord attached to slats to lower and raise the blinds.


Another popular and affordable type is plastic. They are quite resistant and robust to wear and tear from extreme weather conditions. Another advantage of using plastic is the opportunity of choosing different colours to match your window or wall.


Due to its style and sophistication, they cost a lot more. They look highly elegant and beautiful and highly desirable to many homeowners. The downside of using this material is its maintenance, and not getting a complete blockage from effects of humidity, sunlight and so forth unlike what plastic and metal can provide.

Faux Wood

This is also called as composite wood; this material is made up of a mixture of synthetic plastic like PVC and wood components. By putting these two materials together, owners can achieve the elegance they are looking for whilst still enjoying the benefits of minimal maintenance.


This type of material is most of the time used in modernised automated blinds. They also come in wide range of styles and colours; hence, they can perfectly match any types of windows.

Considering materials to use before purchasing blinds is necessary. Best if you seek professional advice to know what is the best one to provide you everything you expect from using blinds. Find out more here!