How to Install Plantation Shutters Like a Pro

Plantation shutters are popular not only due to aesthetics and customisation benefits but as well as its easy installation. You do not have to be a genius to install this type of window covering. Anyone can do it as long as they know how to read and follow instructions.

Plantation Shutters Installation

  • Measuring your window—First things first. Measure the height and width of your window. This can help you determine the size of plantation shutters you need. If you have no idea how to make the right measurements, then it is highly recommended that you call someone else who knows how to do it properly. Returning an item to a home depot or online shop may be too time-consuming and may come a bit costly.
  • Make use of filter strips to determine your layout—Most often than not, you will get a good number of 1/8” filler strips included on the plantation shutters you order. Other than it can be used for the purpose of adjusting the width, it can also be a great tool to use as a template for your layout.
  • Measure the shutters—Place the shutters together then measure the overall width.
  • Fasten filler strips—Know how many filler strips you need. Then, place in the screws all the way through the frame of the shutter and glide the filler strips into the screw.
  • Mount it—Hold it in place, and then align the screws with the pre-drilled holes. Tighten the screws in place in a slow manner, and then repeat it on the other side. (Tip: Do not tighten the screws too tight in case adjustments are needed or necessary.)
  • Check the alignment then adjust if required—To ensure that everything is properly aligned, close the shutters in place. Once all required adjustments are completed, insert the screw cover plugs. This should be included in your kit.
  • Make hardware placement—To work on the layout, using a pencil, mark half way down on the face of the window cover. Put a level on the mark using a pencil to draw a horizontal line on each side of the frame.
  • Pre-drill holes—Get the centre point on each of the frames and create a vertical line that will cross the horizontal line. Use a drill bit, measuring ¼”, to pre-drill the holes on each of the door where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect.
  • Attach the fixture and test—Turn on the right side of the knob, without the fastener, into the pre-drilled hole on your shutter. Do the same on the left side knob. Examine locks by closing the latch.

There you have it. However, if you don’t think you can pull it off properly, you can always call the pros. Visit our website to learn more.

Questions to Ask a Tree Services Provider Before You Hire Them

If only tree services can be performed by anyone, you would not waste your time and money paying professional help. Unfortunately, there are risks involved. Proper training is necessary to keep them protected from different variables, such as wildlife, electrical wires, nearby buildings, homes or fences.

Now that you know that there are risks involved, you might consider hiring tree services. If you do, then it is best if you ask them all questions relevant to the service you need and what services they can provide.

  • Can you send a list of references?

Companies that are confident with the service they provide will be more than willing to provide you list of their previous and current customers. It would be best to call the customers they served the latest.

  • Can you send a detailed quotation?

Just like in any services you need, asking for quotation is a must before finally sealing a deal with them. Get a quotation that is detailed and written. Do not be contented with estimates as estimates may change. You would not want to end up paying more than you expect. The estimate is same as a guess or approximate amount.

  • What equipment and approach will you use?

You definitely do not want them to use equipment that has a massive power, as that may cause collateral damage to your lawn and flower beds that are absolutely unnecessary. You may also want to know their liabilities in case there were damages made in your garden. What you can do is take a photograph of your garden to give you a proof in case there were damages that occurred during the service.

  • Will your personnel use safety gear when performing tree services?

You need to ask this, especially if you are concerned with the welfare of people working in your area. You want them working securely, especially that you may feel liable in cases of accidents.

Hiring a professional can be an advantage as they are trained and equipped with tools to make the job faster and more efficient. Make sure to visit the website for a range of tree care services including removal in Adelaide.

Tree Lopper Services 101: What You Need to Know

If you want to get the best tree lopper services in Australia, it is important that you read this article until the end. We will give you some helpful tips regarding the lopping industry in the country and how you can take advantage of the many companies that offer this type of service.

First, make sure you get the best staff to work with when it comes to garden maintenance and tree removal. Tree lopping can be defined as the trimming of the trees and other related plant life to prevent it from becoming an obstruction.

This is done in lieu of chopping it down completely. If you can find a company with a well-trained and experienced staff in this service, everything will fall into place.

In addition, you have to find establishments in Australia that offer superb lopping and trimming services at affordable prices. This way, you can be assured of quality without having to spend too much money on getting your trees removed or trimmed.

Learning to Do It Yourself

Some companies even offer self-help courses regarding tree care. This means you should be able to learn all about lopping through the company itself. With expert guidance through lessons and seminars, you can take care of trees without having to ask for professional service on a regular basis.
This will be good for people who always like to handle their gardens on their own.

However, if you don’t have experience in doing this on your own, it would be best to always use a professional tree lopper services. Fortunately, you have many options that you can consider in terms of tree maintenance companies to work with. This is why you do not have to worry if you live in Australia.

Home Projects That Require the Assistance of Electricians

With DIY tutorials scattered all over the world wide web, it is not surprising that more and more homeowners are choosing to fix household repair tasks by themselves than to hire professionals. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, there are many things you must not do your own—some of these are projects involve electricity. Here are some tasks that require the assistance of electricians:


Whether you are installing lighting in your yard or replacing lighting fixtures, you need to call electricians to make your family safe. Especially if you need to have underground cables, you can create mistakes that can harm you and your children.

The experts can install outdoor lighting and even help you decide what is the right one suited for your electricity. In addition, they will also make sure that the wirings won’t come in contact with the water features that are in your outdoor space.

Circuit Breaker

If you want to upgrade your circuit panel so you can upgrade your appliances, you need to seek help from the professionals. Otherwise, the circuit breaker might cause flickering lights, sparks and blown fuses if not handled properly. This can also damage the new appliances in your home.


If you add a new room or extend your space and the outlets are insufficient, don’t try to add these your own. Improper wiring and grounding can cause problems such as sparks and flickering lights. In addition, you must have the tools and we’re not just talking about the screwdriver and hammer, you need to have a diamond blade to cut your wall perfectly.

Whilst we understand that you need to save, doing the electrical projects your own is not a good thing. Electricity is dangerous and chances are, you hurt yourself if you attempt to finish these works. In addition, DIY video tutorials cannot guarantee your safety. Consider hiring the electricians from Perth for quality service and safety purpose. Learn more about it here!

Carpet Cleaning: Why Hiring Professionals Is Recommended

There are some procedures homeowners can do to minimise the need to clean the carpet these include frequently vacuuming, reducing foot traffic and spot-treating stains. On the other hand, there are definite advantages to hiring professionals to perform carpet cleaning:

Not all carpets are made of the same material

Depending on the material used, the different types of carpets need different treatments. This being the case, only professionals are knowledgeable assessing which carpet cleaning method is best to use. You may be treating your carpet wrongfully if the method you use for your synthetic carpet is best used on wool.

You need not rent or buy carpet cleaning equipment and machines

There are carpet cleaning equipment and machines you can buy in retail stores. You can also rent if you like. But, some of them are not as effective as the one being used by professionals.  By hiring professionals who are already equipped with the proper tools, you save time and money. Plus, it will also leave you with more storage space for other things.

Carpet cleaners in retail shops do not have a sanitising system

The system and method used by professionals kill dust mites and bacteria in your carpeting, which can help you keep a clean home and cut down allergens.

They have more knowledge about stains and what is needed to remove them

There are cleaning products that, when not used properly, can worsen the stain even more. Professionals are highly trained in the science behind stain removal, and they can correctly assess the problem and choose which right cleaning method to use without harming or damaging the carpet.

Professional cleaners, most but not all, use low moisture technique and equipment

One of the downsides of this activity is the amount of moisture in the carpet left after cleaning. The moisture may stay on the carpet for an entire day and can even cause growth to mould.

Despite the risks, some homeowners still work on their carpet cleaning. That’s good as long as they have all the right cleaning tools and equipment and knowledge to perform the job. However, if you don’t, keep in mind that BBCS QLD has the best carpet cleaning team in the area. You can contact them if you need help.

Tile Cleaning: How You Maintain Your Tiles

Glass tiles are beautiful in your bathroom. The shiny glimmer is brilliant, and the style is a good addition to any living space. Designers typically use white tiles or even mosaic tiles, depending on the preference of the owner. The issue is how to keep them as beautiful as they can be.

This is why having tile cleaning service is important. However, if you have a problem accessing such service, here are a few ways you can take care of your tiles on your own:

  • The idea is to maintain their shine and show off the colour and design they originally had. Keep in mind that grime and filth should always be removed immediately, be it through mopping or using a soft cloth.
  • The problem is dirt, dust, mud, and grime have crystalline material in them that can scratch the surface. The typical requirements that any of the tile cleaning services use is a non-abrasive commercial cleaner of your choice, a soft mop, and a way to rinse the surface like a bucket of water or a hose.
  • Spray the cleaner according to package directions. Let it sit for a few minutes to seep deep into the surface and start a chemical reaction with the particles. After letting it sit, use the mop to move the liquid around and create suds. It breaks down any of the looser surface material off and let the cleaner go in deeper, especially in the grout.
  • While the non-porous parts are safe from issues like mould and mildew, grout requires deeper cleaning. This would require you to use some materials like baking soda, vinegar, and a grout brush. If you don’t have access to a grout brush that tile cleaning services use, then an old toothbrush works, too.
  • Spray the vinegar along with the grout lines in a 1:1 water solution. After generous sprays, let it sit and start brushing the grout and rinse with warm water. If the grout is still dark, make a baking soda and water paste.
  • While still wet with the vinegar solution, start working the grout with the paste-dipped brush. This process creates a chemical reaction between the acidic vinegar and the basic baking soda, creating minor heat that cuts into the grout’s dark grime.

Now, if you find it difficult to squeeze in this backbreaking task into your daily routine, don’t worry.  Our company provides top-notch tile cleaning services to clients in Australia. Call us now for more details!

Commercial Cleaning Services for the Office

Right now, there are a lot of cleaning procedures you can get for the workplace. There’s vacuum sessions, upholstery cleaning, and even bathroom refurnishing package. All of these play a crucial role in keeping materials clean and organised. Overall, commercial cleaning services are considered as an investment to stay away from costly appliance repairs.

Now, if you don’t have an idea about this service, better do research first. There are different care levels to check with their corresponding prices.

  • Floor enhancement

For offices with a carpet flooring, an intensive care must be applied. Experimenting on products should be avoided because it can damage the fabric or the material. What you need to do is contact a trusted commercial cleaning services provider and let them work on the flooring. These people have access to advanced tools and equipment to easily maintain the carpet.

Wood and tiles should be handled by professionals too because a simple mistake can lead to disaster. For tile grout, experts use a special solution to get rid of dirt. For wood flooring, cleaners use mild solution to prevent prolonged moisture that attracts pests. As you know, termites love moisture, and they can damage the wood material.

  • Air conditioner maintenance

It is required to dust off dirt and debris in the air conditioning unit. Let professionals do this every three months to collect all dirt hiding on the screen and frame. Don’t ignore this because the appliance can have a hard time cooling the room with so much dirt attached to the filter. This service is cheap and only lasts for one to two hours, depending on the amount of dirt present on the unit.

  • Furniture care

Chair and tables should be wiped weekly to get rid of dirt buildup. You can get a full package to enjoy dust-free office appliances and furniture.

The team at CPM provide a full commercial cleaning service. Contact them now to help you out tidying your place.

Top 3 Benefits of Having a CCTV Camera Installed

Before, a CCTV camera is always present in an office for security purposes. Now, homeowners have it installed because of the numerous benefits it brings to each home. Here are some of them:

Retrieving Lost Items

When you lose something at home, you can play back your CCTV camera to find out where you left it. It is going to take you a long time because you’ll have to review lots of tapes but it’s going to be worth it especially when the item you lost is valuable. For you to find the item faster, you must remember where you last saw it so you can rewind the camera located in that room.

Portable Surveillance

If you’re worried about the safety of the other people living in your house whilst you’re away, you don’t have to worry. You can access the cameras live on your mobile phone. Therefore, you’ll know what they’re doing whenever you decide to look at the CCTV camera.

Peace of Mind

If you worked hard to buy everything in your house including the appliances and furniture, you wouldn’t want them to get stolen. That worry will go out the window when you have a CCTV camera installed. You know nobody would even bother to steal anything in your house when they find out you have surveillance cameras installed there. They know there’s a big chance they’ll get caught and their reputation would be ruined forever.

For your CCTV camera needs, talk to one of the customer service representatives of Eye Spy Security. They install cameras in dozens of places from tall buildings to small houses. They prioritise customer satisfaction so they only make use of the latest in technology in making their products. They also install or service most brands if you’re located in New Zealand. Best of all, they’ve got nothing but favourable feedback from their past clients.

What It Takes to Restore an Old House

Most people can’t easily let go of their ancestral house because of its sentimental value. What homeowners do is perform restoration to save the property from structural damage. Although this process requires tedious work, many people still consider it to save their property. Now, where is the starting point on this project? See the following:

Setting Your Goal

Understand your goal by asking yourself what you want to do with the house. It is important to understand the risks and downsides of this project. You will need the help of engineers and architects who specialise in restoration projects.

Apart from that, you may have a hard time finding the right materials since the property has an outdated structure. Finding the right supply can be a bit of a challenge. If you’re prepared to deal with all these problems, go for it.

Finalising the Budget

With the help of experts, you can find out what is needed for the project. Gallons of paint, plywood and wallpaper may be on the list, plus new counters or cabinets. Just a tip: don’t splurge too much on the design because there are more serious matters to fund. You can easily decorate the house after all the major problems are fixed. What’s important is you follow the timeline and review the budget.

Fixing Major Problems

When you first opened the old faucets, dirty water may come out from it. The water system is one of the most expensive things to fix in an old house, and we are not just talking about changing the faucets and showers because the piping should be replaced, too.

Do a research to see the alternatives of the parts. Some construction firm offers cheaper solutions to complex problems. You just need more options before signing anyone.

Doing the Final Touches

If you’re already done with the interiors, move on to the landscape. You can hire landscape architects to boost the curb appeal of the house. For more information, contact landscape architects South East Queensland!

Importance of Hiring Professionals to Service Your Roller Doors

If your roller doors are damaged, the last thing you should do is ignore it. It won’t look good and it won’t be long before the damages pile up. Of course, it would be better to leave this task to the professionals instead of trying to fix it yourself.



When some professional fixes the problem, they will provide a warranty. The warranty states that when something goes wrong within the stated period, they will come back and fix it for free. This gives you confidence that they will do an excellent job. The last thing they want to do is to come back again to fix the same problem. They want to do it right on the first time. Therefore, you shouldn’t lose the receipt the professional gave you so you won’t void the warranty.


They use high-tech equipment to get the job done in an efficient and fast manner. The last thing they’d want to happen is to keep you waiting so they’ll make quick work of the task. Their high-tech materials allow them to make a hard task look easy.